Meet me 'neath the rowan tree (SOLD) 60 x 60cm
Spring (SOLD) 92 x 92cm
Summer in Ardnamurchan (SOLD) 122cm x 92cm
Across the Solway (SOLD) 40cm x 40cm
The rust colour roof (SOLD) 50x50cm
Rake the sky (SOLD) 50x50cm
Go West (SOLD) 60x40cm
Blues and greens (SOLD) 90x90cm
They stood together in the park (SOLD) 90 x 90cm
Rover's Ridge (SOLD) 60 x 60cm
Naked Trees (SOLD) 90 x 90cm
In golden grass (SOLD) 30x30cm
Islay Malt (SOLD) 30x30cm
Let the earth sing (SOLD) 30x30cm
A thousand thousand tears (SOLD) 75x75cm
Bright Field (SOLD) 60x60cm
Coastal path (SOLD) 60x60cm
The other side of autumn (SOLD) 90x90cm
Where land meets sea (SOLD) 30x30cm
Memories of Islay (SOLD) 90 x 90cm
A view to sea (SOLD) 100 x 150cm
Remember (SOLD) 77 x 61cm
Up and Over (SOLD), 90 x 90cm
Winter trees (SOLD) 70x30cm
Copy of Summer in Ardnamurchan (SOLD) 122cm x 92cm
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